Our Priorities

Our mission is to provide provide enterprise features and uptime, while charging small business pricing. OnSwitch exists because a big telecom treated our president really poorly one day. After growing exasperated she was determined to find a better way for telecoms to operate. So she started one. Our Hosted PBX service launched two months later, and has slowly evolved over the last decade to become the robust, reliable, and affordable platform that CloudPhone.ONE is today. Over that time, OnSwitch began to sell internet access services, as well as managed corporate wifi and networking services. We like to think we’ve found a way to be that better telecom our founder envisioned.

We base our business around these three pillars.

Service Levels
Over Profitability

We have no shareholders. We have no contracts on anything we directly provide. An unhappy customer can cancel service at any time. Our livelihood depends on providing excellent service.

No Contracts

For services we directly provide (CloudPhone.ONE, IT infrastructure management), OnSwitch does not offer any term length contracts. We want our customers to be with us because they like the way we do business, not because a contract forces them to be. For resold services (some internet connectivity types), options for month-to-month and 1 year terms are presented where possible alongside standard 3 and 5 year agreements.

No Nickel and Diming

How does a $10/month phone line end up costing you $34/month? Ring a bell? Roger that. Charging extra fees for features that every businesses uses is nuts. Our pricing is clear, all-inclusive, and almost always lower than our competitors.

OnSwitch services are a great fit for restaurants (including franchises), retail stores, and SMB office environments. Let us connect your team and simplify your technology so that you can get back to focusing on your business. Our focus is making sure you’re happy, not making sure your bill is as big as it can possibly be.

Are you a call centre? Get in touch! Our system allows automated dialing and call distribution. It’s a perfect fit for call centres when paired with our softphone service. Bulk discount pricing is available.