Internet Connectivity, Networking, and Wifi

OnSwitch is partnered with nearly every internet provider across the country. We can supply high speed access permanently, as a temporary install, or as an emergency solution, nearly anywhere in Canada. From fiber lines to wireless and everything in between

Our service does not end at the router though! OnSwitch designs, implements, and manages networks of all sizes. Anything from providing guest wifi, to linking multiple buildings into a single network, to providing secure remote access from anywhere in the world, we have you covered. If you need help designing, building, or maintaining your corporate data networks, please reach out.

Every job is a little different, so it’s difficult to post full-job pricing. Design and build jobs are billed at $125/hr. The average design job is 1.5 hours; the average build is 4 hours (network gear only, does not include cabling). Maintenance for guest wifi networks is as low as $5/month. Please use the form below to request a quote for your network design, build, or maintenance needs.